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outstanding involvement

our engagement is a commitment to shape success and to make business grow.
our commitment is steadiness and sustainability.
we build bridges to connect businesses and competences for the exceptional.

Successful business starts with a good idea.

Success though is related to a varity of factors. Bringing a product to the market brings a lot of challanges. A target orientated marketing, efficient sourcing and management as well as a fitted company structure are essential for a prosperous business. Our involvments share all of that and bring the best to make a business grow. We are targeted for success on a broad level.

Connecting the dots on the internal and external level is our provision. Bringing together what is needed to bring an idea to live or a business to become sustainable. Shaping the space to develop, to create the road to roll-out on, introducing the people who can deliver the essential step to get forward - to become exceptional and outstanding. We go the extra mile which is needed to draw the lines that connect the dots and create the self-consistent picture in its totality.


connecting people with different background
but the same interest. bring together who needs
to be connected and help building a common ground
for a new idea or an outstanding success.


we involve actively, with expertise and network. 
we consider an involvment as an investment into the future, 
bringing in all instrumental assets we have to offer and more
if needed. going the extra mile that is needed to reach for success. 


different cultures, languages, regulations, habits,
business manners or procedures - common hurdles  
when entering a new market, even in the IT world.
providing a helping hand to keep track on grow.

make business grow

the expertise to shape success

Make a business grow takes a variety of efforts and expertises. Wether an already existing venture or a  start-up with a fresh idea, each needs is individual. Markets challenges demand flexibility, dynamic approaches and a capable background. Linking competences and power, and open channels in a broad perspective across boundries mark an essential key to succeed in grow. The most obvious facts and the lack of looking beyond borders often decide about a grow or fail.

Optimizing business to bring it to the level of success or even above. Alternate the given, approach with new perspectives and make structures being most efficient. Bringing in the missing links and connect the right channels to achieve the highest outcome. Competent and consequent, flexible and dynamic. Considering goals in their broad environment to show the right path for sustainable and valuable business. Working with ideas to convert them to roll-out products. Creating and shaping the soil for vigorous growth.

AmberBridge involvments are substantial and sustainable. A commitment as a reliable investment in the outcome. Living and shaping the business idea we go in with, as a reliable partner.

Based in the Baltics, deeply rooted in Germany and Scandinavia, focused on Europe and the United States, we build bridges as a path of outstanding success.


Located at the gate between the North, the West, the East and the World. The Baltics have for centuries been a centre of trade, a bridge between people and cultures. The attributes of shaping connections, being innovative, creating opportunities and convert the given to even a better are inherited.
Amberbridge is located in Tallinn, Estonia - approaching the World with an open mind and a legacy of success.